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Heating Oil Delivery

Keep your home or your business warm and comfortable throughout the winter months with Barber Oil & Propane’s reliable heating oil delivery service. As a full-service company, you can count on us to provide prompt deliveries at competitive oil prices, as well as related services for your oil heat equipment. That translates to peace of mind all winter long.

Benefits of Heating Oil

There are many great benefits to choosing oil heat for your home or business:

  • Oil Heat Is Safe. Unlike natural gas, oil is a non-explosive fuel and is incredibly difficult to ignite. And if your oil heat system malfunctions, it will emit smoke or soot from the system to alert you to the problem.
  • Oil Heat Is Clean. A common misconception is that oil heat is a “dirty” fuel, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, oil heat has come a long way over the years, and is now 95 percent cleaner than it was in 1970, making it a clean fuel for the environment and your family.
  • Oil Heat Is Cost Effective. We’ve been enjoying low oil prices recently, and there’s no sign of a significant price rise in the near future. Plus, oil is an extremely efficient fuel that’s only getting more efficient with advancements in heating technologies, which translates to less consumption and more money in your pocket.

Automatic Delivery

We are pleased to offer our customers free automatic delivery service. With automatic delivery, you can take the following items OFF of your winter to-do list:

  • Monitoring your oil tank fuel level
  • Calling to schedule a delivery
  • Being home when deliveries are made

You also don’t have to be concerned about being without heat at any time, especially in the coldest months.

How Automatic Delivery Works

We take a proactive approach to our automatic deliveries in order to fill your oil tank in plenty of time. We keep track of your fuel usage based on your past history, as well as the current weather. We use the information from both of these factors to calculate a delivery date that is designed to avoid any risk of a fuel run-out.

It’s a process that is reliable, convenient, and easy for our customers. Contact us to enroll today!

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